my name is Stephan Schüritz – passionate developer / programmer working on multimedia applications, with a focus on videogame development.

I relocated to Dundee (Scotland) to work as a Game Systems Engineer for Rockstar Games. An exciting opportunity and an important change of perspective, that lets me grow and contribute. I really enjoy the mentality, the landscape and the exchange with the people around here.

In the last four years the main emphasis of my work was the multi-plattform stealth-adventure EL HIJO – a wild west tale. I was able to make fully use my strengths and skills with my teammates from HONIG STUDIOS in Berlin. As the lead programmer, I was responsible for the technical implementation of the game. For porting and polishing, I was supported by a colleague.

Since December 3, 2020, EL HIJO’s journey can be experienced on STEAM, STADIA and GOG platforms. On the consoles Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and XBOX, it is available since March 25, 2021.

Our game is honored with the award for the best family game at the german videogame awards on April 13, 2021.

With great pleasure on June 11, 2021, we were honored with an award by the young jury of the Children’s Media Festival „Golden Sparrow“ in the category „Good stories. Told digitally.“

A insight of the game can be found in the following video:

In addition to this game, I was already involved in the implementation of some other exciting projects – an overview of them can be found in my portfolio. The other sections provide information about my career and news.

I look forward to the new experiences and challenges in the coming years, especially to working with new team together with you. If this is also in your interest, please feel free to contact me.

See you soon, Stephan