On the last day of this year’s digital edition of GamesCom 2021, I took the chance and explored the corridors of the digital exhibition halls.

There was a large selection of games to discover that show a great lineup for play in the months to come. The diversity of the titles, which range from arcade to profound topics such as grief, was particularly impressive. You notice, even if some game principles have existed for a long time, something has always been added to the respective title.

I really enjoyed the digital presence of the Indie Arena Booth this year. There were 120 titles from independent developers and a game world that you discovered by playing and unlocked rewards. In a total of 12 (1+) digital areas, you could view works from all over the world and download demos.

The playful aspect of collecting stickers and badges kept me busy for a few hours and allowed me to discover the lovingly designed game world. In the end, I made it up to the maximum level 50 by exchanging ideas with other players and completed my interesting journey by unlocking a special room and the credits.

For me, it was an excellent experience.