Power Rooting is ower entry for the Global Game Jam 2023, that we attended physically at the Dundee GGJ23 site.

About the Game

A game about delivering energy to cities, which comes from plants. Each night, the plants break and the player must look for which ones are not connected to the grid and fix them during the day. If they’re broken for too long, the game is lost.


Magical roots connect everyone and everything all over the world. But you can’t control nature, so something works only for a while. A brave girl helps to heal the broken plants. Keep rolling fast until the dark is coming.

If you start the game you will see your lovely character in their speedy wheelchair and a strange magical world. Maybe if you look around you, you see thunderbolts and battery displays on some plants. These creatures supply all the energy for everything around you.

But, be aware! Suddenly the night comes. You won’t see much!
What you can see is the network of energy between all these mystical creatures.

If you look closely, you will notice some lonely shining dots surrounded by dark. These are the creatures that will need your help.
If the sun comes back, roll as fast as you can to the lonely dots. These creatures are damaged. If you don’t heal them before the night comes again, more creatures could break. Only a healthy network can grow and can be strong.


Windows, Mac, Linux & Android:

Tools and Technologies

Unity 2023.1a26

Technology Notes

Using Unity Engine to develop the game. Using Garage Band for Music. Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for Visuals. Google Docs for Documents. GitHub for Version Control.


Nicole | Stephan | Orion | Paul | Hür