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Place VR

Place is a VR experience in which you can digitally visit the destroyed large synagogue of Aleppo and experience the memories of the locals. Using the latest technologies.

A Storks Journey

For the animated film of the same name, we developed a smartphone game that playfully takes up the journey of the protagonist from the film. In 16 levels you have many fun.


Together with a group of young, committed designers, we developed a photo app for children that encourages them to show the world through their eyes.


The digital adaptation of the classic board game by HABA for children. Here children get to know colors and fruits and can plant flowers. Available in 14 languages.

Postbox API (Bachelor Thesis)

As part of my bachelor thesis I development a cross-platform interface for game communication between different developers. The thesis includes the research for this topic.

Das verlorene Königreich

In the years 2012-2015 we worked as a hobby team on this extensive game with the RPG Maker. The game was presented at GamesCom.