Dezember 2016 – Dezember 2020

El Hijo is a sealth game that is set in a western setting.El Hijo is a sealth game that is set in a western setting. You play a little boy who experienced a great adventure in the search for his mother. The task of the game is to have good timings and a personal approach in order to find and then belong back to the father in the city through the great desert.

Official Website

Implementation: Unity3D, C#

Key Facts:

  • Actor behaviours for a huge amount of skills that the player and the NPCs
  • Target Detection and NPC behaviours depending on the gameplay
  • Highly optimized addaptive music system and SFX managment
  • Tool Development for Animation, Sound and Level Design
  • Platform and Controller specific Feature implementation (Platform APIs, UserManagment, Controller functionality)
  • Localisation for 28 languages incl. region specific typography