Experience in programming

I have been a practising programming since 2008. As a state certified „Technical Assistant for Computer Science – Profile Software Engineering“, I started to develop my abilities as part of numerous projects from 2008 onwards:

  • 01.2023 – present – Game Systems Engineer: Online Modes at Rockstar Dundeee (UK)
  • 07.2021 – 12.2022 – Gameplay Scripter at Rockstar Dundee (UK)
  • 05.2016 – 07.2021 – Lead Programmer at Honig Studios GmbH
  • 09.2013 – 04.2016 – Bachelor of Science (Hons), Games Programming (First class degree)
  • 11.2009 – 09.2013 – Database Programmer and Customer support at Webgalaxie GmbH
  • 05.2008 – 09.2009 – Internship in Web Development
  • 03.2008 – 05.2008 – Internship as QA Assistent

Independent, thorough, team player

  • Responsible development and execution of video games and software products
  • Experience as a project manager in small-scale production of video games with up to 11 members
  • Independent support and processing of customer projects
  • regular work in teams

Specialised skills for the game industry

In May 2016, I graduated from the SAE Institute Berlin with my Bachelor’s degree in „Bachelor of Science (Hons), Games Programming“ with the highest award (summa cum laude / First Class Degree). The contents of my studies include:

  • Game Mechanics & Analysis
  • Character Animation with Unity3D Mecanim
  • Artificial intelligence – focus pathfinding
  • Mipmapping, Occlusion Culling & Batching
  • Project Planning/Management and Time Management
  • Programming Design Patterns
  • Quality Assurance
  • Tool Development (WPF, Unity3D)
  • DirectX basics
  • Shader Programming (DirectX, C++, HLS, ShaderLab)

Research Paper:

Behavior Trees – An analysis of methodologies and their use in video games

Bachelor Thesis:

Development of an independent cross-application data exchange service for video games

Programming in C# and PHP

I offer experience in the development of video games, web-based applications and application development:

  • Professional in C# since 2013
  • Professional in PHP from 2009 to 2013

Professional Unity3D and Visual Studio developer

I have been using Visual Studio as IDE for developing software solutions since 2008, and in 2013 I started developing video games with the Unity3D Engine.

  • Professional in design and execution of projects with Unity3D
  • Engine specific knowledge for construction and extension
  • Object oriented programming and usage of MVC and other design patterns.
  • Knowledge in mobile development (Portfolio)
  • Planning and design of software solutions via UML
  • Character-Animation with Mecanim
  • Pathfinding via Unity3D
  • Game optimisation via. Mipmapping, Occlusion Culling and Batching
  • Tool Development in Unity3D and with WPF
  • Development of simple Shaders in ShaderLab and CgFX

Other Skills

  • Use and design of database systems with MySQL and Microsoft SQL
  • Work with markup languages: JSON, XML, HTML, OBJ und WPF
  • Skills in image and audio processing
  • Work with Simplygon for Asset optimization
  • Professional usage of macOS and Windows OS.