Help the otter harvest seaweed to create dishes for its customers. In each round, you have 2 minutes to get the highest possible score.

The game works on a keyboard and controller using arrow keys or the left analogue stick. By toggling the ESC / B-Button you can navigate to the menu on the top right.

We are a team of two and split the work in programming and graphics.

The game was created within 72 hours, on a relaxed schedule.

All graphics were drawn by hand with coloured pencils. After the scanning, we animated them with After Effects. So we got a more friendly look.

We used Unity to build our game. Our main goal was to create several modules to stick together. So we are having the freedom to adjust and extend the game in future.

Windows Build (72MB)
Linux Build (72MB)
Mac Build (82MB)
Source Code (2.3 GB – Unity 2021.3.11f1)