The year 2021 held some successes and big changes in store.

It started at Honig Studios with intensive work on Impossible Bottles. We deepened our knowledge of data-oriented programming with Unity via ECS and DOTS. An exciting and educational experience that should accompany me throughout the year.

In addition to our further training in these areas, the final touches of El Hijo were made – for the big release on the consoles.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale

On March 25th, the time had finally come – the game that has accompanied me the most in the past four years – was released for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation and XBOX! The first players were able to sneak through the wild west on the PC and Google Stadia three months earlier.

We also use the time since the first release to incorporate the experiences of the players into the console versions. In order to give more players access to our little world, the streaming versions for Amazon Luna and Telekom Magenta Gaming were released in the following weeks.

Inspired by the publications, I started talking to my former university. So at the end of March at the SAE Institute Berlin I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with the students. A really nice experience.

I can say openly and honestly that there is a lot of heart and soul in the world of El Hijo – so once again a big thank you to the Honig Studios team for this adventure together.

As a programmer and gamer, I am all the more pleased to receive positive feedback in direct exchange. The satisfied smile of a player makes you quickly forget one or the other overtime.

In addition, our work was recognized in media and in German institutions.

  • We received the highest award at the German Computer Game Award on April 13th, when I was able to receive the award for BEST FAMILY GAME via video live.
  • On behalf of our team in Erfurt, I was able to win my personal heartfelt prize at the award at the Children’s Media Festival Golder Spatz on June 11th – “Good stories. Digitally told. ”. The kind words of the children’s jury still fill me with pride (not only) today.
  • In October, this was also followed by the nomination for the TOMMI – the German Children’s Software Prize, and at the beginning of November the award for the educational media prize.
Goldener Spatz 2021 – Award Ceremony

However, life is not only about professional success, but above all about calmness and balance in private life. My partner has been this haven of peace for many years. So it at the beginning of July, in the closest circle of our families, I married my soul mate in Leipzig. A wonderful day that I will always look back with joy.

Our bond has been stronger than ever since that day and the great adventure was still ahead of us. In the spring there was an opportunity opening up that we had to take. In addition to the wedding preparations, there were a few other hurdles to overcome. We applied for VISA, language certificates were passed and a lot of organizational aspects were clarified. Thanks to Brexit and Corona – because yes, exactly, our new chapter was called Great Britain, more precisely Scotland!

Less than four weeks after we married, our plane took off. Before that and after more than five years, I had to say goodbye to my team at Honig Studios. With Scottish music and lots of laughs, we got into the mood for my new life.

After eight years in Berlin, our new home is now called DUNDEE. A cozy student city characterized by design and innovation north of Edinburgh. Also known by locals as the sunniest town in Scotland – something that we can already clearly confirm. The cordiality and the peaceful interaction with each other are seldom found a second time.

All of this was made possible by my new role as GAMEPLAY SCRIPTER at ROCKSTAR Dundee. Everything started with pride at the beginning of August and after a short time I closely connected new colleagues – talented and experienced personalities who show you how much they enjoy their work every day.

With a completely new software environment, new programming language, a huge code base and new area of responsibility, I immersed myself in my new position over the coming months. I learned a lot in a short time, so that the first larger tasks were not long in coming.

Grand Theft Auto Online – The Contract

With great thoroughness and curiosity, I worked as part of the production on a package for GTA 5, which was published by the whole team on December 15th under the title „The Contract“.

I close the past year with great satisfaction from my superiors and myself and I am all the more looking forward to the exciting experiences in the new year 2022.

Stay safe and have a happy new year!