It’s already been two months for me, to work at Rockstar Dundee.
I’m really happy that I took the chance to work here and starting the adventure to life and create in Scotland.

The first month was all about getting into the systems, frameworks, workflows and getting to know the different departments and people. In this time I not only learned a new language and new tools, but had the chance to dive into the codebase of a huge undertaking of software engineering. And I’m happy to have the time to dive into and work on it.

In the second month I got my first mission to be in charge of and work closely with the different departments of design, engineering and QA.

I got great freedom in the way of tackling my tasks, and I’m grateful for the many awesome people that I can exchange with to find the best solutions. It’s a different pace of working, that allows for more quality.

My work is a bit different from what my role at Honig Studios before. At Honig, I was taking care, of all the different technical parts in a production from prototyping, to engineering the framework, to gameplay, to tools and so on, and with the latest projects sharing this tasks with my programmer college.

Now, I focus fully on the implementation of gameplay in order to create new pieces of content for the players, together with the work of many people that building the surrounding work needed for these parts to work.

Still I can use many of the experiences of my former jobs again in my job to analyse challenges and find the right spots to solve them.

The feedback on my work so far is really positive and the folks are really happy about how fast I’m adapting and what I can already achieve.

These days I just started my next mission, that let me reflect on what I learned and building up on my knowledge.

I’m looking forward, what comes next. See you soon!