The digital adaptation of the classic board game of the same name for children by HABA was implemented in 2016. In the game the children have to harvest trees and play them in tricky mini-games against the raven Theo. This game is suitable for children from 4 years.

Based on the color that the wheel shows, the child should find the right fruit.

Theo the raven has different sequences in which he tries to steal the fruit from the child. He throws paint at the screen, uses a fishing rod to fish the basket or uses his toy helicopter.

Theo tries by all means to steal the fruit.

The game environment with trees, flowers and also smaller animals such as bees and moles is generated with slight random values so that the game environment never looks the same.

As a reward for a successful game, the child receives one to three seeds, which they can then plant on the game’s start screen.

The seeds can be used to plant the home screen.

The app is available on Android and IOS through the client Fox & Sheep:
AppStore | Google Play Store

An individualized start screen, which was decorated with the seeds obtained.