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It was a different and strange year. The pandemic, starting from March, changed things and put some challenges in our way. Work in the office transformed to home office, direct communication transits to Voice/Video-Chats.

Our team at Honig Studios focused this year on the last tasks and polishing of our stelth game El Hijo.

Wrapping up our most ambitious and complex project and making it ready for the players was the main task for this year and an exciting process.

To master the new decentralized work environment, called home office, a constant and easy connection and adaptation of our schedules was needed. All desks need to be working perfect and been optimized for the day by day tasks. The Builds where running on a remote server that needed fast and easy access to compile and run the games. All that was successfully achieved in our team together.

Personally this new environment made it possible to see the day by day work from another perspective. Regular exercise on the fresh air and breaks, are important, not only for the creative jobs. The human cycle benefits a lot and the mind get energy for new ideas. This is super imported.

Since the 4th of December El Hijo is available on PC and Google Stadia. After a short celebration, we are already working on wrapping up the console versions of the game for the upcoming release. At the same time we are also working full power on the production of our rhythm game Impossible Bottles.

The upcoming year will be exciting, the wheel of innovation runs continuously. Beside of holographic displays and new AR Modules, I wish that we use our power for a healthier planet. Only by that, we will have the time to enjoy our most loved things.

Have a successful and good new year!