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Starting at Rockstar Games

It’s already been two months for me, to work at Rockstar Dundee. I’m really happy that I took the chance to work here.

GamesCom / Indie Arena Booth

This year’s GamesCom and especially the Indie Arena Booth of this year was fantastic. Any things to explore and friends to make.

Leaving Honig Studios

Yesterday was my last day at Honig Studios. It were an incredible 5 years with passionate colleagues and many learnings. I’m greatful about the time.

Golden Sparrow Award 2021

We are very happy about this honor for our work by the german kids media award golden sparrow. It is a great honour.

German Videogame Awards

Our game is honored with the award for the best family game at the german videogame awards on April 13, 2021.

Interview @ Life After SAE

For the podcast Life After SAE, I was interviewed about my professional journey and my motivations. Tune in!

Review of 2020

This year has been an unusual for all of us. But it also showed us other perspectives. A text about the pandemic and the world of work.

El Hijo – Advent Calendar

Made for our game „El Hijo“ to give players hints and gameplay. The campaign was visible via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale

El Hijo is a sealth game that is set in a western setting. You play a little boy who experienced a great adventure in the search for his mother.

Showreel (05/2020)

A short video that highlights some projects I was working on the last few years. Please find a full list of projects on the subpage ‚projects‘ on this website.

Masters Vision VR

This project is an interactive virtual reality experience about the painting „Monk by the Sea“ by Caspar David Friedrich. It uses volumetric film.

Impossible Bottles

In the rhythm game „Impossible Bottles“ you help a professor to get his machines going to keep the world running. And all with the power of music and rhythm.